Finland, Helsinki
Komentarji (66)
10. 11. 19
Thank you for always coming to help, even if my friends need this help and not me😁 I appreciate all what you do for me. Forever my best friend <3
3. 11. 19
Thank you for your care and support. At anytime and anywhere. Thank you for being my best friend!😍😘😘😘
2. 08. 19
Lipa, thank you very much for your love, support and pleasure. You are a very kind and handsome man. Your admiration helps us not to doubt ourselves!
9. 06. 19
Thank you for your attention, I was very pleased)
28. 05. 19
Lipa!Thank you for coming into our lives. We are always waiting for you and love! We admire your mind and body!
28. 05. 19
Thank you very much for your support, my super crazy hero! Thanks for making this week easier, because you were always with me, aaaaall day)))... And I wanted to say you thank you for that you are a true friend for me, because time passes, everything changes, but not our friendship, it remains strong forever...and yes, you are not Batman, you are Schwarzenegger, this is much cooler😎😜 thank you for everything my best friend ❤️
20. 05. 19
You are the best lover ever!! thank you for pleasure . I will waiting for you ..
16. 05. 19
Lipa❤️ it was unexpected and pleasant ❤️😘 Thank u❤️💝
5. 05. 19
Thank you my superhero for always being with me. I appreciate it very much.
Kiss you and hug you and wish you a great vacation <3
23. 04. 19
This night was amazing! Thank you..